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  1. thnkss... ths is will be usefull.. ill learn how is it works ^.^
  2. just be specific, i just wonder how scriot work to direct that value especially with script.. if i tried find with filter (with) this value code i could find it easly but how about with script... 4.37121426e24
  3. I want this value automaticly saved and edit with (script), but idk how to get that value in address with the script... i have tried using "filter" to get the value *manually* its work but help me with script...
  4. MilkyGT

    Unknown value

    yeah its online game
  5. MilkyGT

    Unknown value

    Anyone can help me what should i edit to change 5 minute become (whatever i want), the time is countdown and when i found the value its keep changing and even i edit em and freeze em the time keep countdown and didnt change, i tried to goto Address but idk what should i edit,. might someone know wht to do.. ty
  6. i sell 1 week for 1pl and 2 week 190wl
  7. MilkyGT


    https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/19935-how-to-decrypt-a-lua-script/?do=findComment&comment=101754 idk how to report user but this user didnt use english for content
  8. if ch==nil then ch=-1 end function gh() if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end if ch==-1 then g = gg.choice({'Auto On/Off','Exit'}) if g == 1 then gg.alert('Press Square Box To Exit the script') h()ch=1;ra=-1;end if g == 2 then os.exit()end else h() ra = -1;end;end function h() y = "main" if y == "main" then y ="hh" end gg.toast('On') while(true) do if gg.isVisible(false) then break else gg.sleep(100) end end gg.toast('Off') if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end end while(true) do if gg.isVisible() then ra = 1 end if ra == 1 then gh() end end Your'welcome
  9. MilkyGT


    gg.searchNumber(82, gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) revert = gg.getListItems local t = gg.getResults(1) gg.addListItems(t) gg.clearResults() for i, v in ipairs(t) do v.flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD v.value = "1" end gg.setValues(t) gg.sleep('2000') gg.setValues(revert) Anyone know how to revert this? (revert on save list) after i edit the value and i want to revert but there have problem, any solution for this?
  10. How to select the values on it and edit.. i tried with gg.getAddressItems() or gg.getResults() doesnt works
  11. MilkyGT


    ::ag:: local d = gg.alert('(1/2)️','>>','<<','OK') if d == 1 then goto pj end if d == 2 then goto pj end if d == 3 then end ::pj:: local w = gg.alert('(2/2)️','>>','<<','OK') if w == 1 then goto ag end if w == 2 then goto ag end if w == 3 then end Hmm anyone can help me solve this problem? i have question How can if i click OK at (1/2) its going to (2/2), but when i click OK at (2/2) its done and script ended, its should be same if i click OK at (1/2) its should be done and ended but why (idk why too) its going to (2/2) i click ok again then script ended ,..
  12. MilkyGT

    Best encryption?

    Anyone know wht the best and HARD Encryption, ik no system is safe but wht the HARDEST encryption bcus i wanna used it for my script thanks, happy new year :}
  13. MilkyGT


    No system is safe :}
  14. can gimme example like wht, online script is new world for me, i need the example script to learn for my self
  15. gg.sleep('1600') API = gg.makeRequest('Link').content if not API then gg.alert('️WHY YOU CANCEL ️\n\nThis is online script you need a internet to access') noselect() else pcall(load(API)) end if status == "Off" then gg.alert(' SCRIPT MAINTENANCE \n\nScript is under maintenance please comeback later\n\n') os.exit() end i got that example from ZtzTopia can anyone explain why this script crash when exit, and How to make this script Maintenance(closed)
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