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  1. When im trying to login with my google acc in parallel space its just stuck on "cheking..." Im using gg.signed one for 9+
  2. Already got it, but ty
  3. function a() local Avar = gg.prompt({'text1', 'text2', 'text3'}, {Avar[1],Avar[2],Avar[3]}, {'number','number','number'}) if Avar == nil then os.exit end Log: attempt to index ? (nil value) with key 1 global Avar if i change 2nd table as nil, then it works perfectly. But i wanna previous values every time using this function.
  4. I just tested it and after using function for freeze its works only when im opening cheat menu. While gg is not visible and any other function is on - values not freezed. When im just opening menu without loading other functions - its freezes.
  5. You mean, while gg is searching - value couldn't be freezed or what? I mean, even if im not using script functions, while gg is not visible it still not freezed
  6. I have function, that freezes some values (skill cooldown) but it freezes only when script is closed. It works if i use gg.sleep and switch to saved list, but after gg.sleep - it stops working again. Since it works only while script is closed, i cant even just re-open script, cause this issue comes back again. Im using GG without Root in parallel space. Maybe this is the point.
  7. Ty, useful thing, ill try
  8. Want to use group search with variable. Its easy to search with one var like (var, gg.TYPE_), but i want to know is there way that i could put var in group search like (1;1~100;var;98::16, gg TYPE_) For me its only way to search for value in script cause its always so different.
  9. What the reason of using "sleep" here? As i got, there is just more then 100K variables so thats why its worked only after 2nd call. Try to use complicated group search with related functions.
  10. Actually didnt find any games with same name, give a link pls
  11. Use gg.isClickedUiButton() true if the button has been clicked since the last check. false - if there was no click. nil - if the button is hidden. Example from help: gg.showUiButton() while true do if gg.isClickedUiButton() then -- do some action for click, menu for example local ret = gg.choice({'Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3'}) or os.exit() gg.alert('You selected:', ret) end gg.sleep(100) end
  12. Check this out, it will help
  13. You should search for 0, then somehow change this value and search again for new one. There are a lot of guides on GG site. Also it could be encrypted
  14. Use search (right top corner on PC), if there is nothing, you might be first who will do it
  15. loversSlayer

    A question.

    Just downloaded BIA3 and there is no problems with opening app. I'm using for Android9+ signed + 64bit support. There could be problem with app package as soon as it have additional content. I had same with another game cause of no-ads patch (LP) so it instantly loses internet connection (= no additional packages download)
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