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  1. There was a problem. Game is protected with G-Presto.
  2. maslina

    saved help

    I cannot understand what are you want.
  3. Pardon, all 1E numbers to 0E
  4. I tried to open 5.5-5.8 levels via changing all 0D numbers to 1D while in research menu.
  5. Inside Infinitode 2 apk. Use only JH (Java Heap) region on search, try to edit sources which have two or more resources available (Use group search)
  6. Game is server-sided. Any change kicks you from game. nice phishing, man
  7. Inside game files. assets/resources/researches.json Simple. Change resource amount in source tile to 999999999, and then press sell.
  8. maslina


    Man, hacking this game is easy. 1. Open GG 2. Write in Search amount of your coins (For example, 100) 3. Spend some money 4. Search -> Amount of your money -> Refine 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until 3-5 search results 6. Change all values to 999999999
  9. Green papers and resources hack.
  10. 1. Enter the Research menu 2. Open GG 3. Press on search, write in "Value" 2800D;3760D;6D (Coordinates of Power star research and cost) 4. Edit addresses with 6 value: Edit -> 0 -> Yes Now you have few free star researches. P.S. You can get coordinates of Star Researches in game files (researches.json)
  11. View File [Infinitode 2] Damage hack This script was made by me. Very simple script with 1 option - Enable Damage hack. Submitter maslina Submitted 08/06/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This script was made by me. Very simple script with 1 option - Enable Damage hack.
  13. Just messing around and got all star researches, tell me if you want to know how to do this Sorry for necropost
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