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  1. datboibaku

    Infinitode 2

    The game was updated a.. lot of times and the previous hacks don't work so someone look into it ty |the game|
  2. uh welp the soul hack doesn't work now, any suggestions
    hey fam, does this still work with the 0.99 version? hope yes EDIT: just check the update date. apparently still works but will test
  3. yup its exactly working thanks thanks
  4. huh.... ok ill take that as a notice ok sry will try
  5. okay just tested it and it didn't quite work oh an i mean infinitode 2 like my tower's damage is 7.57 searches it gets nothing or searches 15.6 (for example) gg seaches for 15.6000000000####(random numbers) (and i did search for float)
  6. yo thanks fam ill try it later basic + 999999 damage = DEATH
  7. uwu it's ver 9.0, monkey knowledge hack still works? oWo
  8. Hey buddies, can anyone do some testing or whatever for Infinitode 2, like you change the tower sell price (like -9999999 when you sell) who does it i will love you gg
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