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  1. @aucassin I believe you don't need a N=O+D search for animal "love", I just directly searched for and changed the number of points written on the screen. It decrease each time you interact and decreases each time you reach a new level.
  2. I finally changed my gem number, which is in all meaning of the word, a game changer ^^ I got the blue notebooks as well thanks to the event. For the zoology level, the issue is that since i've already increased most of my beast to max artificially (except for one) and I don't have a number to search and no way to diminish it, I can only hope my game doesn't crash in the next 6 hours (wish me luck!) so I can refine the 1500 results I have left. What could help is if someone knew what number the magyzoology is at around when you're level 3 ? That would help me narrow the search.
  3. I finally managed to change a few values, thanks you. Oddly enough i didn't any issue with the house point, i searched for my number of point and modified it. That was useful to change the notebook value (red ones so far only). But I don't think you can end the event earlier as it's a timed competion against other players. but you can easily win it (well... I guess it depend if you oponent are bot or humans and are hacking as well) I can change the energy value, and the friends level, and the abilities. I can found the coins and gems, but I cant change them so far. The gems are particularly frustrating as you don't always know in advance you're gonna gain them and you don't get a lot (except the +3 that are free obviously) and without them i can't skip ahead.
  4. How do you guys change a value (like money, time, etc) without crashing and/or freezing the game ? Can someone explain me the method ?
  5. How do you search/change the energy value?
  6. Hello, newbie gg user here. First of all thank you @NoFear for your work. I am trying to apply your instructions but so far i can't. Here where i am at : i open hm in nox, rooted mode. I launch gg. I search for value 0;16E~16.99E::5 (as i am level 16) then 0 I get about sixty results. I saves these, add an offset of 20 with Hex unchecked. I add it back to my search, then refine the search with 1600;1699X8. At this point, i get zero results. Hopefully someone will ne able to tell me what im doing wrong. Si far i did it twice with the same result. Thanks in advance.
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