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  1. Kyrianu


    Hello, has someone managed to hack this game recently ? I can find values (XOR4 for money, second left in a task,...) but I can't manage to hack a single thing. Could anyone explain me how to do it ?
  2. Hello, I am having issues hacking Futurama. I did a Money X4 search, and replaced the found value by a BigValue X4 but everytime I do this the money goes to my value and then immediatly revert to the original. Should I modify several values ? Is there anything I should take special care of ? Thanks for any help.
  3. To remove from facebook an app or game you've added: From your News Feed, click in the top right. Click Settings. Click Apps and Websites in the left menu. Click the box next to the apps or games you'd like to remove. Click Remove.
  4. I'm going to bed right now but I will help you in the morning. Send me a message with what you want hacked specifically, and your fb address and pw. (Obviously, you should change it when I'm done, and before you give it to me if it contains sensitive information.)
  5. Is there a way to triger events that never happened ? There are a bunch of class event in first years that never triggered. Also some spells that I didn't got.
  6. @CrazyInferno how do you expect any help if you don't explain where you're stucked, what you've tried ?
  7. I've been there... The trick is that you can't look for the exact value that you have, and you can't decrease it to refine because you're not looking for you're current value but your total one. Eg: (that I did right now to check it sill works) I have about 99k gems. I know I spent quite a few but no more than let's say 100k. (actually way way less) I launch a search for 99000~199000 (i could have search closer) and get, obvioulsy, too many results. I gain 3 gems with the add. I refine (N=O+D with value 3) and tadaam, only 3 results left in this case (you mileage can vary) One is my current number, so I don't tooch that, one seems too big (and doesn't fit the pattern*), and the last one fits perfectly. I change it, move rooms and my level of gems changes. That's all addendums: if you still have too many values, try to count the max of gems you may have spend and round it a bit up and search around the final value (I knew the final number was around 100k for me, I could have searched 95000~105000 for better results) Also wait to have gained a few gems, do a n=o+d on that, move stuff around, refine with "unchanged value", do the add thing, repeat with "unchanged value"... Even if you have like 20 resusts you can easily remove manually mosts of them trough pattern. What I mean by fitting or not the pattern, and I speak as someone no understanding at all what I'm doing (so I can't explain the why at all) is that all the value we change in hogward mystery look like this: value that I want to change 0 Big value 0 Big value (that I want to change to valueX8 ) _________________________________________________ BTW if someone better versed in this stuff can explain me WHY that is, why we add a X8 or why we only change this and that value, I'd be grateful. ^^
  8. Everything basically works the same. The only difference is that sometimes you can't search for a specific value, so you have you either search with a N=O+D (new= old+difference) or for the few cases where you don't even know the value you select increase/decrease accordingly. And as it as been explained to me a bit higher in this thread, remember to change both values with the game paused (if you don't know what I mean by both values read a bit back goodtobeyou explanation:
  9. I just changed a friend level to check if there were trouble... And there are none that I can see. I passed Tonks level 2 to 10 no problems. I used of course the last update of the game, but I haven't updated GG in a while.
  10. @aucassin I believe you don't need a N=O+D search for animal "love", I just directly searched for and changed the number of points written on the screen. It decrease each time you interact and decreases each time you reach a new level.
  11. I finally changed my gem number, which is in all meaning of the word, a game changer ^^ I got the blue notebooks as well thanks to the event. For the zoology level, the issue is that since i've already increased most of my beast to max artificially (except for one) and I don't have a number to search and no way to diminish it, I can only hope my game doesn't crash in the next 6 hours (wish me luck!) so I can refine the 1500 results I have left. What could help is if someone knew what number the magyzoology is at around when you're level 3 ? That would help me narrow the search.
  12. I finally managed to change a few values, thanks you. Oddly enough i didn't any issue with the house point, i searched for my number of point and modified it. That was useful to change the notebook value (red ones so far only). But I don't think you can end the event earlier as it's a timed competion against other players. but you can easily win it (well... I guess it depend if you oponent are bot or humans and are hacking as well) I can change the energy value, and the friends level, and the abilities. I can found the coins and gems, but I cant change them so far. The gems are particularly frustrating as you don't always know in advance you're gonna gain them and you don't get a lot (except the +3 that are free obviously) and without them i can't skip ahead.
  13. How do you guys change a value (like money, time, etc) without crashing and/or freezing the game ? Can someone explain me the method ?
  14. How do you search/change the energy value?
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