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  1. Hey guys! I need your help i want design my script to better than old can you give me your script to make my script better? #Pecah Palakau
  2. ZTzTopiaa


    Use Game Guardian mod by Revo
  3. Pecah Palakau Use Dual space lite download on play store
  4. Pecah palakau API = gg.makeRequest('https://pastebin.com/raw/ZmaPTNiL').content if not API then gg.alert(' WHY YOU CANCEL \n\nThis is online script you need a internet to access') noselect() else pcall(load(API)) end if status == "Off" then gg.alert(' SCRIPT MAINTENANCE \n\nScript is under maintenance please comeback later\n\n') os.exit() end If you want maintenance your script only change status = "Off" in pastebin if you want turn on status ="On"
  5. x = gg.alert('You want to go my channel?','No','Yes') if x = 1 then os.exit end if x = 2 then gg.??('https://xnxx.com/') end How? Read caption!
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