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  2. hi, you never never cant block hoooooooooooooooook
  3. ZTzTopiaa

    Give me compiler

    please give me compiler i cant compile my script
  4. function sleep(s) cd = s + 1 cdrep() end function cdrep() gg.sleep(1000) cd = cd - 1 gg.toast(cd) if cd > 0 then cdrep() end end Hey guys help me fix it how to add like sleep(2.5), sleep(10.5), ETC is only can sleep(2), sleep(10), ETC
  5. ZTzTopiaa

    Help me fix this

    Name = "ZTz" Name = "Topia" print(Name) help me plis it only print last Name "Topia" i want same variable can you help?
  6. Can someone make my encrypt good? I dont care you steal it because is for myself encryption script ELz v1.2 By ZTzTopia.lua
  7. Can someone help me make anti unluac or anti load?
  8. -_- [added 1 minute later] Help pls why no one reply?
  9. Give me a encryptor
  10. Plis how to dencrypt this? 1 Is normal 1_dec I dencrypt use UnluaC Plis help me i want know one code 1_dec 1
  11. ZTzTopiaa

    I need encrypt

    I want something can hide all code in the script
  12. ZTzTopiaa

    I need encrypt

    Anyone have encrypt? But not encrypt it?
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