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  1. I just detected that if I turn on Hide GG from the game then it's not able to hack in REGION_CODE_APP . But.... When I turn them off then I can't enter the match in FREE FIRE. So.... I turn Hide GG from the GAME on and then get into the match. Then turn in off and start hacking. Isn't there any way to Turn them on and off like [1,2,3,4] with the help of SCRIPT?
  2. Send me the script here! I will decrypt
  3. Actually my friend do searching 1 in float in BAD for FREE FIRE But in my phone it's not working I think due to android 10 [added 3 minutes later] Can you please teach how Can I make colour and charms in free fire?
  4. There are colour value in REGION_BAD how will I edit them?
  5. When I try to edit REGION_BAD then GG can't edit that! I tried freezing the value but isn't working! Also I selected range to libunity.so and others but some values GG can't edit why?? @Enyby @d2dyno
  6. How can I dump only a single memory like " libil2cpp.so " using game guardian? Anyone please? @Enyby
  7. @Enyby @d2dyno @Krojzanovic @MrVinYT Please see this once and help if you know. Thanks
  8. local memFrom, memTo, lib, num, lim, results, src, ok = 0, -1, nil, 0, 32, {}, nil, false function name(n) if lib ~= n then lib = n local ranges = gg.getRangesList(lib) if #ranges == 0 then print("USE FREE FIRE BRO") gg.toast("USE FREE FIRE BRO") os.exit() else memFrom = ranges[1].start memTo = ranges[#ranges]["end"] end end end function hex2tbl(hex) local ret = {} hex:gsub("%S%S", function (ch) ret[#ret + 1] = ch return "" end) return ret end function original(orig) local tbl = hex2tbl(orig) local len = #tbl if len == 0 then return end local used = len if len > lim then used = lim end local s = '' for i = 1, used do if i ~= 1 then s = s..";" end local v = tbl[i] if v == "??" or v == "**" then v = "0~~0" end s = s..v.."r" end s = s.."::"..used gg.searchNumber(s, gg.TYPE_BYTE, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, memFrom, memTo) if len > used then for i = used + 1, len do local v = tbl[i] if v == "??" or v == "**" then v = 256 else v = ("0x"..v) + 0 if v > 127 then v = v - 256 end end tbl[i] = v end end local found = gg.getResultCount(); results = {} local count = 0 local checked = 0 while true do if checked >= found then break end local all = gg.getResults(8) local total = #all local start = checked if checked + used > total then break end for i, v in ipairs(all) do v.address = v.address + myoffset end gg.loadResults(all) while start < total do local good = true local offset = all[1 + start].address - 1 if used < len then local get = {} for i = lim + 1, len do get[i - lim] = {address = offset + i, flags = gg.TYPE_BYTE, value = 0} end get = gg.getValues(get) for i = lim + 1, len do local ch = tbl[i] if ch ~= 256 and get[i - lim].value ~= ch then good = false break end end end if good then count = count + 1 results[count] = offset checked = checked + used else local del = {} for i = 1, used do del[i] = all[i + start] end gg.removeResults(del) end start = start + used end end end function replaced(repl) num = num + 1 local tbl = hex2tbl(repl) if src ~= nil then local source = hex2tbl(src) for i, v in ipairs(tbl) do if v ~= "??" and v ~= "**" and v == source[i] then tbl[i] = "**" end end src = nil end local cnt = #tbl local set = {} local s = 0 for _, addr in ipairs(results) do for i, v in ipairs(tbl) do if v ~= "??" and v ~= "**" then s = s + 1 set[s] = { ["address"] = addr + i, ["value"] = v.."r", ["flags"] = gg.TYPE_BYTE, } end end end if s ~= 0 then gg.setValues(set) end ok = true end gg.clearResults() t = gg.getListItems() gg.removeListItems(t) function SE( libil2cpp = "13073.3740234375;9.219563e-41;3.6734241e-39;1.4012985e-45;4.8808683e-39::25" libunity = "13073.3740234375;9.219563e-41;3.6734241e-39;1.4012985e-45;7.286752e-44;2.7887936e-38::33" This is a code usually Free Fire hackers(me too) use in their scripts. We use these functions to hack LIBIL2CPP.SO offsets. For example if we want to hack free fire gold then we take "get_userCoins();" offset from dump.cs using il2cppdumper.exe by Prefare and then use it like this gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP | gg.REGION_C_DATA) name("libil2cpp.so") myoffset = 0x.... --lib offset of original("7F 45 4C 46 01 01 01 00") replaced("68 00 A0 E3 1E FF 2F E1") gg.clearResults() This way we hack it! The replaced hex will return 68 values of coins(maybe it's for client side and fake). @Enyby and @d2dyno please help me on finding these offsets from game guardian. Many of the hackers use GG to get offsets from libil2cpp.so Can anyone please tell me how to find hacks from this lib and find offsets from GG ? THANK YOU
  9. I can easily hack subway surfers coins and keys using game guardian but.. is there any way by which I can get the lib.so name and offsets so That I can mod it using any hex editor. If anyone knows then please help me Thanks
  10. Currently i am trying to hack an offline game naming Cover Fire! It's il2cpp based Unity game! But i want to know how to get crosshair position to aim head automatically or make no recoil and no reload time, etc. hacks! I am new in Searching hacks and even i tried fuzzy search but I don't know what to do because there isn't any change in these values! Can any great person please help me! Thanks! Revealed SoulEven
  11. How can i decrypt this file?? It creates infinity loop in all decrypting apps? load_0000952.lua
  12. Did unloading permission to level 3
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