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  1. open game, says connecting, goes to Tap to Start screen, tap, says Connecting..., then Loading... then crashes "Oops! FFEXVIUS has stopped. please try again"
  2. I'm having the same problem. Parallel space from Playstore works, obviously GG won't work there for me on my non rooted phone. would love to find out why this is happening
  3. Starting this last friday 9-6-2019, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (global) no longer works. after i open the game, it connects, then goes to 'Loading', then crashes. uninstalled and reinstalled, didn't help. i'm on a Moto G5+. if i install Parallel Space from the app store, i can get FFBE to open and work just fine (just not GG to go along with it). anyway to fix this?
  4. Thank you Furthurr, script works great, adjusted for my stats and things work great. thank you so much
  5. thank you furthurr. i have all the stats for my espers, was just interested on how to build the script to auto search/replace the values, it's a lot of clicking when i need to update it with my mouse on my emulator ?
  6. but do you by chance have the script to share?
  7. Thank you, searched for the numbers from the wiki for the espers, and it worked. thank you
  8. I would also like help if possible. i'm used to searching with the stats, clicking the :21 (or whatever number shows up) then DWord. but now it doesn't show any results since their last update. i have tried the other search options but it didn't help
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