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DER6.0AGGS.lua 1.0.5

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Just for FUN,,

What's New in Version 1.0.5


-Add Bypass Anti Log.


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you created this for Modify Revo's chunk but ...

looks like that you use his encryption .

look :

  function L2_26(A0_101, A1_102)
    local L2_103
    L2_103 = 1
      table.insert({}, A0_101[A1_102[L2_103]][A1_102[L2_103 + 1]])
      L2_103 = L2_103 + 2
    until L2_103 > 20
    return {}

its part of Revo's decoding formula which i found in your script .

local getKey = function(j, k)
    local m, o = 1, {}
  repeat table.insert(o, j[k[m] ][k[m+1] ])
    m = m + 2
    until m > 20
  return o

and its original .

can you expalin me what is it ?

do you still use Revo's encryption ?

i also found Revo's Keys in your script .

here is full formula , Revo_L , Revo_A , getkey and R_ .

Edited by TopGEOYT

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in the script  :






revo ;


env="1.0.2" Link="https://bercara.com/kShc" if ev ~= env then gg.setVisible(false) b=gg.alert("\tFound new version "..env.." | Your version "..ev.."\n\n-Fix bug.\n-Remove gg.toast(Revo enc).\n\n1.0.1\n-Fix bug\n\nLink new version:\n"..env, "Copy Link") if b == 1 then gg.copyText(Link) else gg.setVisible(true) return end else return B() end



whats about ???

Edited by samedoezek

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4 hours ago, samedoezek said:

whats about ???

nothing , its Version checker .

ev is variable name which is in offline moded chunk and env for online , when he will update script , he will edit and it will give you notificarion about it .

[added 2 minutes later]
4 hours ago, Help_Quit said:

@TopGEOYT You boss? Don't be like a boss. I think nothing answer for your question .

my reaction was WTF ?


What is problem? @TopGEOYT Give questions that are not silly.

i seen that he used Revo's formula for "his" encryption , its why asked him expalining of this .

but if he want he can be quiet , its his choice 💁🏼‍♂

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