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  2. U can hack gems easily Don't know about premium plants
  3. Search your coin value in xor encrypted Keep refining until 4-5 values remain Edit them Play 1 race Done
  4. Is there any way to hack gems and the premium plants? Or any script to hack this game. Thx
  5. Today
  6. How bro? Can tech me?
  7. nik2143

    Mario Kart tour

    I have tried using encrypted valute but every time I edit something the coins return to original value
  8. There is no longer in the rankings, @CroqueMrhave you been banned?
  9. yeah , its Encoder's bug . if/when ill update , it will be fixed .
  10. The item swap not working.. I try many item and still not working after restart
  11. I dont know why but the script is not running .
  12. Thanks for posting this. This is what i was looking for from so long.
  13. Thanks to u guys I'm able to change coins value But how to change tickets I have 0
  14. Hi everyone, I'm trying somehow to dump the FREE FIRE game. I used GG's memory dump function, followed by get_dll_from_bin but it doesn't generate the DLLs. I also tried the Libil2cpp dumper and GUI, both failed, because is a protected game. Does any experienced user have a way to suggest me? It's been 2 months since I try to access the game data and no progress ...
  15. All scripts are lies when they say they are anti-ban, since the game with its latest update, detects virtual spaces, or any modification in the game (script) as much play a week and then permanent ban (10 years) so which no longer serves any virtual space or script, nothing can be done anymore ...
  16. Tried with parallel space, but login with nintendo account open the original app not parallel
  17. How do I open the encrypted file?
  18. Anar

    Penguin Isle

    Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fantome.penguinisle Is there way to change gem value?
  19. Yesterday
  20. macdj98

    Mario Kart tour

    Nope the only online check that the game does are gems transaction
  21. Does anyone know a way to fix a city with negative storage? I would like to bring it back to normal.
  22. SBALLO

    Mario Kart tour

    Is there any way to modify the launches? maybe even just reducing the cost or something? I tried everything but I failed. Anyway, thanks NoFear for what you're doing.
  23. Hello, it'll be good if you add Without scatter bullets or no spread.
  24. Thanks for the feedback I will do an instruction
  25. It got my facebook account block at instant as i was opening it on my guest account d***
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