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  2. Everything worked perfectly thank you for this again! Also group search doesn't work I tested it is vip dangerous to hack? Ban wise I mean if not could you demonstrate how to do that too? No level hack is patched
  3. Thank you for the tuto ^^ Can we up our level with the same way and code or not ?
  4. Why pc is pointing to 0x8 shouldn't it be pointing to 0x4 from current address! As next instruction would always be at 0x4 from current address as instructions are of 32 bits (exclude thumb instruction set here )@saiaapiz
  5. Today
    You Are First Who Did SAMP Script . May Be Its Small And Simple Script , But I Am Sure , You Will Improve It . Anyway Good Work . Keep It up !
  6. You can freeze the Mana u have so u can spam the first two skills without consuming Mana First step search the amount of Mana u have. Second use a skill and pause the app. Search fuzzy search decreased. Third wait til ur Mana is maxed again. Fourth. Search the amount of Mana u have again. Freeze the only result u have and voila! Unlimited mana
  7. View File SAMP mobile mod menu Link download: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZu3la7ZfOqc1OUeoPFvQ6DUe23GQBu2Dhay Submitter Radrian98 Submitted 06/26/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  8. View File C.S 1.6 mobile wall hack Link download: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZi0Ua7Zi8YMIMooByBR21V8Spsv35qWWJ6V Submitter Radrian98 Submitted 06/26/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  9. I never attempted to do a group search. I've always just repeated each process individually when required (low on gold, cash, etc...). I try not to add more than 6 figures of gold to stay under the "radar" (pun intended ... lol). I have been banned in the past and had to create a new account. Also do not play Rivals as its a sure way to get banned as well.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Link download: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZu3la7ZfOqc1OUeoPFvQ6DUe23GQBu2Dhay
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Link download: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZi0Ua7Zi8YMIMooByBR21V8Spsv35qWWJ6V
  12. Thank you so much! Will definitely try this when I get home Quick question tho Can I group search my gold / cash / scrap or do I have to do them separately for it to work?
  13. Thnx buddy for putting a lot of effort just to helpme!
  14. I will do my best to explain and include a video guide I found on YouTube. Let me know if you need more help. Step 1: Open NFS No Limits (take note of your current gold amount, you will need that number later.) Step 2: Open GameGuardian - Main Settings - "Select Process" - "No Limits" .... then while still in the Main Setting scroll down to "Autopause Game:" and change it to "Yes" ... Open the Search tab (magnifying glass icon) and go to settings, scroll down to "Filter" and change the amount under "Show:" to 10000 and "Apply" ... go back to the Main Settings - "Kill the game" and when given the option "Restart the game". Step 3: When the game restarts and is loading there will be a spinning circle in the bottom right corner of the screen which indicates the game is loading. When the loading circle stops spinning (it freezes for a couple of seconds before loading the next screen) quickly open GameGaurdian and go to search and enter the following value - your current gold amount;327680~327699::5 and do a new search as a Dword. Refine your results to show only your current gold amount and then edit to whatever new gold amount you want. Steps 4: Close GameGuardian, let the game finish loading and enjoy your gold! Edit: Take note you can repeat those results with your cash, scrap points and tuning tools.
  15. Let me explain this real quick. How they load offset, and calculate address ? Explanation: * PC = (Current Instruction Address + 0x8) 00000000 LDR R0, [PC, 0x1C]; Its calculated like this, R0 = (PC:00000008 + 0x1C = 00000024). Read val at 00000024 which is 0x14, then put into R0. 00000004 ADD R0, PC, R0 ; Again, R0 = (PC:0000000C + 0x14 (Offset) = 00000020) 00000008 MOV R1, #0x1234; Move 0x1234 into R1 0000000C STR R1, [R0]; Store R1:0x1234 value into R0:00000020 address. 00000010 BX LR; Jump into LR (LR is register that store address of this function caller.) 00000014 ALIGN 0x10 00000020 MyValue DCD 0x0 00000024 Offset DCD 0x14 You can find lot of information here, The ARM instruction set
  16. Do you find the cash value through gold value > addresses? Haven't looked at this in ages I thought it was a lost cause Could you demonstrate how you make those mods work if you don't mind? I love nfs games in general and this made my day
  17. Can anybody hack modern strike?
  18. This is how the ARM architecture works. Most addresses are not absolute, but relative, relative to the PC. This is done to save space in instructions. The instruction size is 4 bytes. The size of the 32-bit pointer is also 4 bytes. An absolute address almost always requires 4 bytes, since the code can be located in different places. A relative address can be encoded with 2 or 3 bytes. This will give the opportunity to refer to the memory near the code, where this code would not be located. And since .bss is not far from .code (.text), this is enough.
  19. Enyby

    How to collect logcat

    For some reason, binaries are not running on your firmware. Permission denied. Try another virtual space. If this does not help, you need root.
  20. Yep, Ida make we confuse by looking its value pointing directly to target address. Actually, true opcode look like this LDR R0, [PC, #0x4] Idk how to explain it, you can find arm opcode documentation on google. They describe how each instruction work. @Un_Known
  21. I recorded the error. help me milk it GG_logcat_v83.0_15206_5.1_22.log GG_logcat_r83.0_15206_5.1_22.log
  22. I love this nfs, it's one of my daily games. Yes some mods have been patched such as unlock all cars, blueprints and player levels (at least I can no longer get them to work). I can confirm as of today the gold and cash mod still works. Other working mods that I know of include VIP, scrap points, tuning tools and fuel.
  23. Oh really ? I was helping u in telegram and did u remember what u told me ? Forget me forever because of this . Also u did not open . It is just loader .
  24. marken

    radar hack

    can you share me MLBB radar hack script patch dyrroth . please
  25. V4cK

    Game is closed

    How to find thats hack or buy thats hacks? i unninstal the root, install parallel space but when i start the arena in the parallel the screen is black and this close:(
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