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  2. Detected. No crash but got banned for 3 days after a few games using the update for granger patch.
  3. put code custom gg.gettargatepackage and com.sstool xyz ENCRYPT NORMAL SCRIPT TO STRING then Encrypt it with Basic Compiler by maha devanto LuaX it is impossible to decrypt full... enc luaX.lua EncryptString.lua
  4. Yesterday
    Bro Which vpn app should we use for no root device's ? Pls provide the vpn too!!!
  5. Hello guys. Who can help me hack with gameguardian this game? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ndemiccreations.rebelinc&hl=en
  6. I'm tired of the players who killed me by lying on the floor thanks to the grass, is there a safe way to remove the grass? (My device Rooted)
  7. Hello BadCase. I get an error when trying to run a script I tried on the latest version of GG, tried on version 73.8. Nothing helps Pls help me
  8. Are you saying you got a virus and you want someone here to fix your computer? If so that is some funny stuff, always scan files you download before installing them on any device. That being said I wouldnt touch those files in that link with a 20 foot pole
  9. Updating the situation, i managed to do it. i reviewed the previous pages and found out what i was doing wrong. Thanks for giving me such a nice guide!
  10. Wait so you're never releasing the script and we can't even pay to get it...
  11. File Name : IMVU : 3D Avatar! File Type : Android Game, Online Developer : IMVU, Inc. Playstore Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imvu.mobilecordova Please find out a way to hack the credits. So that I can shop unlimited. Remember it's a server sided game.
  12. Latest update works but got banned for 3 days after a few games using it.
  13. Hi, did you get the upgrade?
  14. bioly545

    Torque Drift

    I'll put a link to the video in the evening when I'm doing it
    Detected for no root user , and still force close when play pubg global version with GG setting hide 2,3,4
  15. always force close pubg global use virtual mod and ban 10 minute after re-login , my GG setting "hide GG from games" "2,3,4"
  16. bioly545

    Torque Drift

    there is a way for money and drift points
  17. Ragnarok Eternal love. Thx for trying
  18. Dual space lite, force close Parallel space , force close Any suggest ? Android os 9, pocophone f1
  19. Hey guys I tried many ways to increase the timer in the game crowd city which is a offline game but no method is working....can you please see the game and tell me how to make the timer infinite...i also tried adding negative time but it is not working.. Thanks.
  20. Lol . It is Hooked script . Codes are stolen . Huh .
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