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  3. No. Use gdb. It is not a feature for memory editor.
  4. Good morning to all guys. My name is Michele and thanks for your help. I would like to know if anyone knows how to put double jackpot on the opponent or double energizer on themselves. Possibly if you also know how to change the energy recharge time (immediately bringing it to zero) or hack the energy of the opposing cities so that it does not end. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
  5. For 93.0 It would be very nice if Enyby could add a Function that is called "Find out what writes to this address" and "Find out what accesses this Address". The functions already exist in CheatEngine on PC but it would be hella cool if they were in Game Guardian too. With these functions it would be really easy to find stuff like JumpHeight, WalkSpeed, Weapon Recoil and more Example Jumpheight: Just find the Player Y Coordinate and then use the function "what writes to this address" and this way you can find JumpHeight CheatEngine Example:
  6. Read API help for gg.prompt.
  7. Have you tried doing this? Example on pixel strike i wanted unlimited ammo the direct value didn't work so what I did was type in the value of the ammo and the storage clip 30;65:: Then edit to 9000 It should keep your value
  8. Im trying to make a seekbar that will edit the address value Any help is appreciated. ^^
  9. Yanik

    Help Encrypt Script

    gg.alert('Stop Using Compiler !!') No, this Block compiler, this don't gg.alert
  10. Yesterday
  11. Watch on YouTube: 92.0: Rebase the saved list via the new address of the item - GameGuardian
  12. The answer present in the app FAQ.
  13. Please tell me how you can find the date and time using GG?
  14. Hi there... There is problem with gameguardian. Whenever i just search a value, It gives direct ban in game. I am not even editing the value, just searching it is giving ban. It was working well last week without any ban, but now i am getting ban. Can you solve my problem or any explanation for it or why it happens. I do hide gg from game. Quick response will be appriciated...!!!
  15. I cant find anything to hack this game on internet, cuz the name make search engine confused. Please someone help me:) Hackers the game com.tricksterarts.hackers
  16. Not absent. When you try to activate a speed hack or other function that needs this item not to be selected, you will get a toast about it.
  17. Need update bro, or make for shadow of death 2
  18. View File Candy Crush Friends Password is in the file name FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS Password: LORDKINGDIAZ Features UNLIMITED MOVES UNLIMITED HEART [SOON] OTHERS [SOON] Submitter Lord-King Submitted 02/16/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  19. Please can someone with high hacking skills make an hack for curse of aros the cheat engine already has a hack when a game guardian hack will be created?
  20. I want to write the script for this game, but I don't know how to get the code for the weapon or item I want (energy, damage, blood ...) Can anyone help me?
  21. Please watch this vedio fir detailed scripting and findind your won value
  22. Your password didnt Work :/
  23. Version 1.0.0


  24. Can someone make a tutorial of “ BiuBiu tales” how to get super items and money in it?
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