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[Freedom] Freecard not showing up anymore?

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Hi, I recently found that my Freedom wasn't working anymore. I try to purchase something (that used to work) and Freecard doesn't show up anymore, it just shows my credit card and the Google Play balance I have. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm running on a Note 3 with Android version 4.4.2, and a modded Google Play Store version 6.0.5 from the Google Play Installer v1.1.2

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      I have been going crazy to find a mod or a way to get on with higher levels in Hawk Freedom Squadron- my Google play does not work so I can upgrade I need a workable hack for the loot if anyof u can pls share details or script ?
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      Please move this thread to Apps section ( i couldn't post there)
      Latest Freedom App:
      1.0.8b :Supports android LP and MM
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      for some days ago i heard about this app that makes Freedom work with more apps, even though they had some protection against it. 
      i do not know the name of the app, so that's why i'm her. if someone knows what app im talking about, please tell me in the comments. 
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      how to i make freedom work on apps with medium protection (or high protection)? any tips to make it work better?
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      Just wondering if Lucky Patcher or Freedom still work? If so is there an official site to get them from and can any one provide a tutorial (preferably with pictures included) on how to use it properly?
      Thanks =)
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