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gameguardian says is your game dead?

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Im using asus zenfone 5 T00J, everytime I use Gameguardian, it says is your game dead? can someone help me? I have rooted the device but still on stock rom running 4.3. pls help me to solve this, thanks~

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My device donnot work. My device zenfone 5 a500, t100f. GG say: is game your dead? Reset all list after reset all sometimes gg don't say is game your dead but gg doesnot work, i don't still search value

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Using ver 86.3 (15505) getting game dead when trying to edit neo mall in Sim City Build It ..... just started last week. Some kind of game protection? Anything to help combat this? Uninstall game or Gg help maybe?

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