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Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D Hack {Root Only} - [Money/Gold]

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~¡¡¡,Attention Members!!!,~

THE Ultimate Hack Approaching to ¤YOU¤ : GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D

Game : GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D

Version : Current

Root Needed : YES

Credits : BIGboyTOY786

Hack :

★99999 Gold★

Ok to Share: ▶Yes◀

Memory Editors Tested On Daxattack and Game Guardian and GameKiller and GameCIH and SbGameHacker

➡Gold Hack ▶ (9999)

1. Open DaxAttack (Make sure you have "All Regions" selected)

2. Search You Gold that You Already Have

3. Go to the Store and buy the next helicopter for 30 Gold. And you will have 20 gold left

4. Search You New Gold Value.

5. Repeat it 3 times Until You only Have 1 to 5 or more Strings. Repeat it once more until you see one string change on its own. Click and hold the address until you see a pop up. Change the value to 99999 and the press Yes to save. And Finally watched your Gold increase.

➡Money Hack ▶

1) Click on the "➕" next to the Money

2) And Convert Gold to Money

3) Tada and watch your Money increase

Note: After you hack the game and start playing, In the 4th mission somewhere in the beginning to middle, the game will force close but just click the App and play it again. I haven't played though the whole game if they detected the memory editors but I believe that you will be Fine.

[hl=black]Dont forget to leave a rep to Me!!![/hl]

♥♦♣♠•◘○Enjoy the Ultimate Root Hack | NGA Members☻♥♦♣♠•◘○q

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