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Name of Requested File: Game Dev Story

Link To Download: http://android.mob.org/download/a8740.html

Comments: Unlimited Money


Here :

- Money Hack: Just search the ammount of money you have, then advertise or earn some money. Repeat until you find one option.

- Research Points Hack: Just search the ammount of research points you have, then level up a staff or earn some by fulfilling a contract. Again, repeat until you find one option

- Fans Hack: Go to Research 2/3 (Info->Research->Second page) and search the number of fans you have (5-12, 13-18. But one at a time) and advertise, then repeat this process and change the option to 999.

- Fun/Creativity/Graphics/Sound Hack: When creating a new game/console, pause the game and search the number of Fun/Creativity/Graphics/Sound this game have, then let your staff improve it and search it again. When you find only one value, change it to the desired number of Fun/Creativity/Graphics/Sound, don't put 999 or your project will receive 0 in the Hall of Fame.



- Staff Level Hack: [Max Stat 999]

1. Hack you research point (you will need a lot of it). I put 99999.

2. Search for current level of the staff (best do at level 1 or 2, since it usually take 3 search).

3. Level him up, get to the screen where the level up botton is shows.

4. Repeat step 2.

5. Freeze it at 4. Since from lv4 to lv5 give best stat boost.

4. When you level up enough change the lv back to 1.

5. Search for the salary

6. Level him up, search for the changed salary.

7. When you find the address, change it to whatever value you want.

Remember to hack the salary or else you will be bankrupt.

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Yes, I'am serious....

Please upload the apk


i already explain and describe the details step by step.

it's all up to you to try or to ignore.


or maybe you can make your own APK :)

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I'm newbie... and i'm not understand  :D




Try to download this :


Do some "Search" after you open the app, and follow my instruction. you'll be fine as long you want to try :)

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My device not root  :(

I can't try, because I'm afraid for root my device  :(


Sorry about my english :)

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Is there a modded apk for this or can someone help me root my HTC first

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