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Siralim ultimate


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Link since paid: https://androeed.store/files/siralim-ultimate.html


Things ive discovered so far 

Almost everything is a double:

> Stat boosts on creatures can be edited (apply 3 attack scrolls, scan for 3, apply amother, scan for 4, repeat until one value left, ediit and you have a base stat in the milions, you can view address location and add another point to other stats, theyre all roughly within the same area) 

> realm depth and resources are simple double scans (emblems, piety, and artifact levels and artifact boosts are simple double scans as well) 

> realm instability is another simple double scan but dont go above 10 if you are on a phone as it will s*** itself from too many things loading and it can be impossible to clear

> mana for creatures is double (scan for 100, summon, scan for 0, its gona leave you with a lot of addresses but make it a incremental by 1 edit, can help you find it if you dont crash :^) , or if youre going for dumplings it becomes way less tedious

> God Favor is 500 plus another 50 increment per rank

500, 550, 600, etc

> guilds are set to 1k per rank so its rep currently +rank*1000

> spell and equipment levels are again doubles, but dont set them to anything ridiculous and certain properties like dr or extra spell gems can crash you, and level your artifact to 50+1 once you have the address as youre gona miss out on the nether stone slot

 things missing im trying to get to work: are trait editing on creatures, more than 5 annointments, more annointment rolls for easier unlocking from false gods, nether stone stats

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