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I've got my phone rooted today it wasn't easy as i expected but here we are. 

so today i tried to find some items id and do a little bit of a change to see what would happen and this is what I'v got.

first in the game goto items then select one of them that has a higher value than one


then you will see something like this 


you can chane the id of something to another for example wood to food. here are some id's

200336 - 1000 food

200330 - 10000 food
200331 - 50000 food
200306 - 1000 wood
200300 - 10000 wood
200301 - 50000 wood
200310 - 400 mithril
200320 - 1600 iron
200564 - resource chest lv 1
200565 - resource chest lv 2
200700 - 500 copper
200353 - 10 VIP point
200370 - 50 VIP point
200390 - 5000 Lord EXP
200380 - 10 stamina

200361 - 10 Gold


after you change it to something that you have in the items you will get this.


i changed 1000 food to 5000 Lord EXP.

but if you change it to something that you don't have you will get nothing like this. 


this isn't good news but hey let's not give up 🙂 


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On 4/2/2023 at 11:25 PM, Whiz69 said:

Is this legit? 

i haven't done anything that can get you like a extra gold or power or any items im just editing the file's and shared_prefs to see what would happen it's a server sided game to find a way to edit it is really hard so i wanted to try something with the game maybe i will find something.

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