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Project7 (2021) | Account NO BAN


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Hill climb racing 2 

The account for everyone is not banned, it is not the same as other accounts, if you are banned, you just have to put it again and the ban will go away

(Project Been working on it for a year 2021 )

I worked on it and then played races in the lead and I haven't been banned yet, they just deleted the race record.

I can say that an account can be created against the ban


If you got banned, just post again

You can do everything without any ban. I mean, if you are banned, put the file again and the ban will go away, whether it is automatically banned or Eula

You can enter a clan and you can do everything

It doesn't matter how many people are on the account enjoy.


how to add it from? 


There should be Root file

Link account


Like video 1


Video Link2


Discord group

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In offline mode you can save the things you did

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