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Hcr2 mod menu(2 scripts)


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Hcr2 mod menu(2 scripts)

Hcr2 mod menu version 2.2


Hcr2 1.25 parts hack

Password is niepokonany on top 



Free hacks🤩

Free scripts🤩

Mod menu.apks😎


No scamming Shops🤩

Invite rewards😃

Friendly community 😃

And more join now🔥


For support,hacks, scripts,mod apks,mod menus, giveaways,free accounts and more join now!!!

Discord: niepokonany#6666

SUPPORT FOR MORE! MY PAYPAL–[email protected]


Password is niepokonany on top 

"Unlock Beta Test Dummy Skin (Need FireFighter Skin)",

"Unlock Pit Crew Skin (Need Framer Skin)",

"Unlock All Legendary Animation (Open All Common Animation)",

"Unlock All Epic Animation (Open All Rare Animation)",

"Unlock All Adventure Hat",

"Unlock All Vehicle(activate in loading screen)",

Rank hack step 1

Rank hack step 2

Season cup points step 1

Season cup points step 2 

Autowin😎 Works only on arm 64 (playstore version)

Fly hack 😎 Works only on arm 64 (playstore version)

Moon gravity(ALL VERSIONS)


Infinite fuel hack(32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS)


Coins and gems hack(1.40 to new version 1.53)

Downoforce hack(ALL VERSIONS)


Flat road adventure(32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS)


Flat road cups (32BIT ONLY)(ALL VERSIONS)



And more but am to lazy to write all hacks now

40+ hacks!

Skin hacks

1.25 parts hack

1.25 jump stock op hack😎

Fast coins (ALL VERSIONS)(NO BAN😎)

And more!!

Discord: niepokonany#6666 SUPPORT FOR MORE! MY PAYPAL–[email protected]

You need 32BIT hcr2 for some hacks

Password is niepokonany on top 

Version for Hcr2 1.25 parts hack:


32BIT hcr2 link:

Not available now for 1.53.3

64bit Hcr2 link:

From play store install to get 64bit


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