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Critical Ops AIMBOT and WALLHACK!


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Good News (04/06/2022): in version 1.32 of c-ops (which has just been released), my two hacks are still undetectable by anticheat.

I just played at this point, and find out that wallhack's code has changed, but I found another code better than the previous one:

1,669,333,014 (dword; Video).

I say it's the best because this time, wallhack works on probably almost all maps (I didn't test at all, but wallhack worked on grounded map).

Anyway, use the game guardian within multiple accounts, use the code of "aimbot", and this new code.

To enable wallhack, research this new code and edit it to "1,669,333,015" (remember to use the lowest graphics).






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Hi OPHAX i need your help for this edit beacuse im still newbie in GG and dont know which type of search should i select to find the correct codes. Can you explain me a little bit easier with the steps or just record on a video with showing screen touches.

Thank you so much!

(one blender render with the OPW 2022 case)


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