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Error Code lua skripts

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I always get an error code that I don't understand, please help me. The file is attached below.

Error code:

Skript beendet:
Skriptfehler.: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/mod menu. lua:7
` gg .editALL('99999999', gg .TYPE_DWORD) `
Versuch einen Nullwert aufzurufen (Feld 'editALL')
level = 1, const = 19, proto = 0, upval = 1, vars = 5, code = 40
AUFRUF v0..v2
 ; PC 38 CODE 0180401D OP 29 A 0 B 3 C 1 Bx 1537 sBx -129534
Stack Traceback:
    /storage/ emulated /0/mod menu. lua:7 im Hauptblock
    [Java]: in ?
    bei luaj.LuaValue.a(src:2835)
    bei luaj.LuaValue.Z(src:1966)
    bei luaj.LuaValue.a(src:1453)
    bei luaj.LuaClosure.a(src:535)
    bei luaj.LuaClosure.l (src:160)
    bei android.ext.Script.d(src:6056)
    at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785)

Mod-Menü. lua

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	gg.alert ('Moin, was geht?') 
menu=gg.choice ({'Coin Hack','Gems Hack','Speed Hack'},nil,'Dieser Hack wurde von Christian gemacht')
if menu==1 then


gg.editAll *not* gg.editALL 

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