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Greetings! This is my next tutorial on the GameGuardian program. Today I will explain a topic such as How to hide GameGuardian from games.
When can this be used?
For example, we launched GameGuardian, we want to open Free Fire with GameGuardian running, time passes, we are simply thrown out of the game and they say Remove GameGuardian to enter the game. It makes us sad that we won't be able to cheat in Free Fire.
What is needed for this method?
Root rights, Virtual Xposed, and GameGuardian itself must be present on your device.
How to implement the method?
We need to open Xposed Virtual, add GameGuardian, open it, click on the Fix button, find a menu called Use root in virtual space, open this menu, click Yes and restart. After we have restarted GameGuardian in the virtual space, you can exit it, and remove GameGuardian from the main device.
The end...

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