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Trying to make a hitbox script, could use some help


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I want to help in any way possible, I can, and I will coz I love that game add me on my instagram/telegram : @Tanisxq I have many files/codes to share for free so come on telegram it would be easier 

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To be frank, on a emulator it would take a long time because Ca contains no data (at least on mine) so the desired value is in Anonymous which would mean that you need to like research each result individually and its structure. But when you dump the lib you can see that the value type are mostly double.
The actual process is finding the class name and from there on out work your self up till you obtain the method values. The following instructions is for anyone that would like to test it out in gob, also this approach could work on other shooter games 🙂

In guns of boom in particular it work like the following, for the tutorial i will use 64bit example, (also considering you dumped the game and have a proper structure layed out for you. You don't "need" to dump the metadata)

  1. 00:05 Set memory range on "Other" and search for "headHitBoxScale" (Qword).
  2. 00:32 Refine the results to value 104 (Byte) and add them to the saved list
    - we will use pointers to find the class name.
    - class name can then be used as a direct reference to find the values.
  3. 00:50 Set memory range to "Ca" (if Ca = 0 MB change it to Anonymous) but that will be a lot of work - personal opinion.
  4. 00:55 Go to the address of the first saved address in the save list.
  5. 01:00 Copy one address above and below in a offset of 24 to 32 decimal of the main address.
  6. 01:27 Past them in the search bar, and search them as a hex value, if you don't get any results. No problem try the other address that you saved in the saved list since all you need is a result. A address is 8 bytes long on 64bit apk's so past the right amount of bytes in the search bar.
    - note 64bit = so a pointer needs 8 bytes = (Qword) to store an address which point to a location in "virtual" memory, make sure to not miss any bytes.
    - note 32bit = so a pointer needs 4 bytes = (Dword) to store an address which point to a location in "virtual" memory.
  7. 02:20 You should have one, max two results add it to the saved list, if you have more, don't worry you can use any value shown in the search results.
  8. 02:30 Go to the address of the value shown in the search result/saved list.
  9. 02:40 8 bytes below the address you went to you can see that that specific address holds an other pointer. Long press and go to the pointer.
  10. 02:46 You will need the current address soon but note that you found the class name as well. The address 16 bytes below the current address is a pointer which will point to the class name.
  11. 03:00 You can use the class name as direct reference next time, instead of searching "headHitBoxScale" you can search for "ControllerSettings", quite the shortcut.
  12. 03:34 Let's continue where we left of, Copy the address that holds the purple value (the current address that was shown in step 10)
  13. 03:42 Set memory range to "Anonymous", past the address in the search bar and search it as a hex value. You should have two results.
  14. 04:05 Go to the address of the first address shown in the search result.
  15. 04:10 Congrats - values of the variables are found. - headHitbox the structure can be seen in the following images. Image 1 is the dump and image two is the values we just found.

video for reference:


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