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Hello guys and gals. 

First time caller long time listener. I need help with a game called word cubes. 

I start the game with protection disable but when I modify any value they never get changed

Any help with this I would great appreciate 




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      Someone please help me! The files dont work! After I download them NOTHING happens. I have to go to files and open them and then THERES NOTHING INSIDE OF THEM AT ALL!!!  Theres just an empty thing that says GameGuardian. 100.0 THATS ALL THERE IS i cant click on it or use it, or import to chrome! ITS USELESS FOR ME! I TRYED HARD AND DELEATED THEM EVERY TIME I TRYED AGIN BUT IT DOSNT WORKK. I have no idea why this keeps happening! I have one of the latest ipad air! I also tryed on my iphone 5! HELP PLEASEEE!!!!  Thank you to WHOEVER helps me solve this problem.  
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