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Can someone make a royale high diamond hack?

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    • By BXB
      I've been play this game on Roblox called The Final Stand 2. I got curious with Game Guardian and tried to search and freeze my health (200) but still died from the zombies, later I tried a encrypted search (200 DWord) and after equipping a perk to increase my health from 200 to 305 I finally came down with 16 values with a combination of DWord and Float. I froze them all and still died thinking my health wouldn't decrease as I take damage. Any suggestions? I know this game has a strong anti cheat. 
    • By Elias27
      Title: Sword Art Online:  Memory Defrag
      Developer: Bandai Namco  Entertainment Inc.
      Current Version: v2.5.2
      Requests: A way to change the amount of premium currency(memory diamond), materials for strengthening units, etc
      Notes: I have tried editing the values directly but changes back to normal after changing menus and can't be frozen (if done so will result in the inability to claim gifts/ scout), i don't know if it is possible to change the amount rewarded from missions.
    • By Reaction
      Is it game unhackable? I kinda invested lots of time on it so stopped attempting my subpar attempts in case I might get banned, but it's a single player game so am assuming am just doing something really wrong. because so far all values revert no matter what I do, and also if you attempt to buy with changed values the game closes.
      LINK: Postknight 2 (Early Access)
    • By Metercedes
      Target Game (Official Google Play Link): "EMERGENCY HQ - firefighter rescue strategy game" Request: I request any cheat in this game. It's P2W so I don't want to pay for anything. I'm searching for any kind of hack, doesn't matters. But mostly currency, of course, thanks from now! 🙂 Information: The game is fully online right now, it connects itself to the server. So hack should be online. DWORD is useless, I have not much experience with GameGuardian. So, hope anyone can reply to this topic with a solution for this issue, again thanks! 😁
    • By jjolatunji
      Anything values to modify HP, ATK, Gold/ currency. I tried using GG to find values the values changes too but only visually. Need help. I have tagged apk file below the playstore version has other name Samurai Training New Era.
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