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Knights of Ages

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Hello all I'm new to modding.  I've followed some of the guides for other games to try and pick up how it's done but I'm finding this game is a bit different.  There's a few values I'd like to change.  Silver, Crystals and Reputation.  I find that i can find a value (silver or crystal for instance).  but after i make a purchase it reverts to it's original value.  It is like I'm finding a display value but there is another value that is the actual reference.   It's probably an encrypted value but I haven't been able to track it down.  In the end the grind I would very much like to bypass is the reputation grind.  At a certain point there may be resource value's i'd like to change but I hope if i can learn enough about the first 3 I'd be able to figure out the last.  Would someone with experience get me going here?


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