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Curse of Aros Request

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Hi all 

Can anybody try to hack this game ? It's a mmorpg game just under 5 mb. I was trying to hack it things like changing gold values or stats doesn't work the game regrets them back. Now I'm trying to do a damage or no miss hack if any other community member knows something or has already hacked this game. Share the stuff 

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Not sure what I can do because I'm new to hacking but I've played this game forever and know it's in and out so I'll see what I can do

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    • By Sam-hunter
      Game name : Curse of Aros
      Link : Play Store
      Hello everyone I am trying to hack this game.
      What I am trying to do this is hack drop rate or loot that enemies drop when killed. But so far no success. 
      I have tried random search on float like 0.1,1.0 and changing those values but no luck next I tried searching gold and xp that monster drops when killed but I wasn't able to found those values tried every data type and encrypted search also but no luck. 
      Would like some help from other community member or some guidance.
    • By SaberTooth19
      Please can someone with high hacking skills make an hack for curse of aros the cheat engine already has a hack when a game guardian hack will be created?
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