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Any idle RPG can be hacked ?

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Any idle RPG to hack ? Value like damage, hack the stats or even the health or ability ? 

I like idle rpg games like geroes charge or heroes legend

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    • By Lasqueti
      Hey! Just wondering if anyone has an offline hack of the game with infinite gems so I could just play around. 
    • By Cleru
      Been so long and I've searched every nook and cranny of this whole Internetverse and I haven't found a reliable link or information that hacked this game. Its hopeless? Even other sites can't even crack it. I've been willing to spend another VIP membership here if possible but will sit and wait for it first. I've experienced trying to crack this game but its so damn hard. 
      Open for discussions. 🙂
    • By Aan17
      Here is the link of the game :
    • By Aukstuolis
      Game Guardian stop work for Heroes charge, Some one can check please? Now when i try use Game guardian, its change value of things, but when i try use them its write its not allowed... Yesterday was fine everything but Heroes charge made update.. so can we update GG?
      Thank you
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