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      Hi guys, Do you know how to bring back the previous seasonal spirit? In the past, a friend hacked into replacing the current seasonal spirit with the previous seasonal spirit code. I'm asking you because now I don't have a spirit for the season, so I don't know if there's no code to replace or if it's blocked
      I remember their utf-8 codes included things such as season_00 ~ season_10
      If someone makes a script about this and allows me to permanently buy the clothes of the previous seasonal spirit, I'd like to do a small reward😥
    • By aheagaro
      hello! i've seen some hackers using this program run another season instead of the current one and could buy things from the spirits of another season. even the ultimate gifts
      can someone help me to do it too, please? you can write me in discord 🙏 aheagaro#4260
    • By shengtaiji999
      I found the energy pointer for this game, but I can't modify it through the script because I don't know GG's jump pointer function. So, I want to know if GG has this function, and if not, how do I create this function. I thank each and every respondent. 
    • By Sky_Pylot
      I need someone to share with me the script who farm all the wax in all the maps ... if you can text me on my discord :
      PYLOT    CrY#6939 or my instagram : wice_mgntrn
    • By SolemnSnow
      Hello everyone, I'm looking for a way to cheat this game's currency. I've met a couple of users who redirect me to this app, which they have used with scripts to unlock currency bundles and accessories. I really, really want to obtain more "Candles" and "Hearts", which are the in game currencies and if possible, a way to somehow unlock the accessories. 
      It is a server sided game, but I've seen a lot of users modify a lot of content with my very own eyes, since it displays an animation when they purchase things online or they wear unreleased content. Or, of course, they say so themselves that they've cheated.
      I'm aware that it's a tedious task, so if you'd rather link me to proper guidance tutorials so I can do it myself, I would very much appreciate it, or if anyone is aware of an user selling a script, i don't mind affording.
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