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I need help.. got bug after hacking cash value in nfl

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I need help.. can we fix bug in ugr.. igot this bug after hacking cash.. bug come after win and the result not come.. so i stuck in finish but i cant back to ugr menu.. anyone can help?

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    • By Textilfrenzy
      Hi all. Im new here and first of all excuse me if i create this topic in a wrong place.
      After i hacked gold in nfs no limits and enjoyed the game for a few days i got banned. I tried to find sollution for the "unban", but i found nothing. After reading several topics here i saw an asphalt 8 unban custom patch for luckypatcher. My question is is it even possible to do something like that with nfs no limits? (Since the hacking basically works while the game loading thats why im thinking about it.)
    • By candivia
      I tried today to hack the game like I did a year ago and have 9999999 gold and couldn't do it anymore as the old ways , it shows that it have changed to this value and it instantly returns back to the original value ..
      How to hack Gold for the 4.4.6 version of the game ?!
    • By nfsgamer120
      I just got banned from NFS no limits because I just use a gold hack.I found some YouTubers trying to hack gold in NFS no limits.They use GG to hack NFS NL.Maybe you already know this trick.I am talking about the loading screen hack on NFS NL.If you don't know,you can easily learn this trick by googling.This trick gives you more than 9 million gold to your NFS NL account.So I just found this trick some months ago, but everytime I try it didn't get success so about 5 days ago I just got succeed and I got 7,777,77 million gold on my account.so I played the game without any issue for 5 days and today when I launch the game it says "YOU ARE BANNED" and I just figured out I just got banned from this game.I tried multiple accounts I have but it didn't work.I just try to reinstall the game by apk file that I backup before and even the system doesn't allow me to install it.I just got error saying "app not installed".So I went to play store and installed NFS NL successfully.I didn't download the game data again because I backup it before uninstallation.After the installation done I just moved my backed up game data folder to NFS NL game folder.After that I launched the game and it still saying "YOU ARE BANNED".I tried parallel space with multiple accounts but it still gives me this message.At this point I just feel now it's enough.Does any one know how can I get my account unbanned.I really need my saved data.Please help me if anyone know how to solve this issue, thanks.Sorry if my english is bad.🙂
      🔽More Info🔽
      Device: Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB,4GB 
      OperatingSystem: Androidone Android 9.0 Pie with November 5 security update 2019.
      Game: Need For Speed No Limits Version 4.0.3 (58551)
      Reason: Banned Account to get unban.
      Date: 2019 Dec 4                                            ________________________________________
    • By squall12
      Hello guys,  I've been trying many times to hacking the NFS no limit gold but always failed coz one thing,  the auto Pause didn't work.
      Since I haven't rooted my device so I open all the apps through Parallel Space. 
      I watch this hacking tutorial as reference
      I have follow all the guides exactly but why the auto pause always not work for me while it works well on him and others..
         My Device           :  Redmi Note 7
         Android Version : 9PKQ1.180904.001
         MIUI Version       : 
      Please help.. 
      Give me the solution 🙂
    • By Cryward
      Hello dear, I tell you that in this version you can still hack gold and unlock all cars.
      Any questions related to NFS No Limits 3.7.4 can be made here.
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