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Marvel Contest Of Champions Def & Att Multiply

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Hi all, there were a mod for mcoc called blackmod but it's no more available.

It was so easy and the logic was about multiplying the defence or attack rates BUT!

I'm sure we can do it by game guardian but we need to find which value needs to be edited.

I've made some research and tried to find a solution (value) to edit and the most logical way is editing armor rating.

I thing there must be an address to that value and it depends on your hero. 

Can you help me to find it? I made thousand of searches including encrypted search.

I'm aware that changing the number in any hero's detail page doesn't mean anything. But this number defines the percentage of damage that you take at every hit by opponent.

So this numbers keep working during matches. I mean it's not just a number stays there it's also a gamechanger during fights.

I paused the game and search every hero's armor rating during matches but found millions of adresses. Please help


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