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THE LAST REMNANT Remastered 1.0.0 for Android

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The Last Remnant is a cult Japanese RPG on Android. There are four races in the world of The Last Remnant: Mithra, Yama, Ksiti and Sovani. In this world, mysterious objects called "Remnants" have existed since ancient times. However, no one knows who created them, when and why. But everyone continued to use their colossal powers. As a result, this led to the fact that the balance in the world was disrupted, and endless wars began. As the further division torn apart those who rule and those who follow, the war began - the beginning of a long and endless struggle. Develop your own strategy, use teams that are constantly changing depending on the positions and state of friendly and enemy forces. Join the battle and enjoy the game.

Download link- THE LAST REMNANT Remastered



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Good game so far, does anyone know how to cheat the character stats?

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