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I want to learn how to find an exact value with text search. Could someone help me?

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      Hey how do I save values in a script to reuse them in the same script? I want this becaise in my script I need to edit all to 0 but if I search 0 and change the value the game crashes except when I edit the values I havent deleted.
    • By Rs92ks
      My code not works. How to save text search and edit it?
      function wk() if wkl==0 then if wkrd==0 then gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber(";PlayerRunner", gg.TYPE_WORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) r1=gg.getResults(88888, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil) r1=";PlayerRunnez" gg.clearResults() gg.setRanges(32) gg.searchNumber(";PlayerDeath", gg.TYPE_WORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) r2=gg.getResults(88888, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil) r2=";PlayerDeatz" wkl=1 wkrd=1 else r1=";PlayerRunnez" r2=";PlayerDeatz" end else r1=";PlayerRunner" r2=";PlayerDeath" wkl=0 end end  
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      Need Help please, can you cheat the game : Naruto : Ninja World war Global force.
      That the new game, and gameplay like Ninja rebith, I try cheat like Ninja rebith but not working.
      some one master here please help.
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      Name of Game: Mystic Messenger
      Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Cheritz.MysticMessenger
      Version: 1.14.2
      What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Unlimited/ A large amount of Hourglasses and Hearts 
      Have you tried cheating this game? No (but if you could tell me some apps or ways to cheat it I can try) 
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      Hello everyone. I knew that gg have dumpmemory feature which can copy content of a memory region to a binary file. I wonder if there are any way for copy a binary file to a region of memory. Is is possible to write a lua script with can do this? Thank you very much.

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