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Aruga Script × Kocak Z - Growtopia Lua Script

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Aruga Script × Kocak Z - Growtopia Lua Script

Aruga Project × Kocak Z Growtopia Script


and will expired in December 2019


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      What changes if I use GG as root? I'm thinking of rooting my phone to see the result.
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      I have started a project to data-mine Monster Hunter Stories. All help to the project would be appreciated.
      Need to test and Index the correct codes for Weapons, Armors, Monsters... (Most Items already Indexed) Locate end of Weapon Memory Range (Already Located the Start) Locate the end of Armor Memory Range (Already Located the Start) Find the Egg Memory Region Find the Egg Parts Memory Region Learn how to Build Lua... (O_O)? Learn how to use the Pointer Scan            
      Used Game Guardian to Memory Exported to " .txt" file, Format to Excel cells distribution using NotePad++, by replacing " | " with Tab spaces. This process must be reverted to inject the edited memory back into the game using Game Guardian.
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