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How to search and edit saved values ​​in a .cfg file with the lua script

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Someone please help me !!! I want to search or edit a value saved to the .cfl file from before, what should I do ???

For example :

searchNumber How To??? 


function SearchRandom()
local configFile = gg.EXT_CACHE_DIR .. "/" .. gg.getFile():match("[^/]+$") .. ".cfg"
local data = loadfile(configFile)
if data ~= nil then
  data = data()
local input = gg.prompt({'Please input something .'},data, {"number"})
gg.saveVariable(input, configFile)

gg.searchNumber("How To??? ", gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1)
local r = gg.getResults(45)
gg.editAll("How To??? ", gg.TYPE_FLOAT)


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