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  1. Someone please help me !!! I want to search or edit a value saved to the .cfl file from before, what should I do ??? For example : searchNumber How To???
  2. I need a code in the script with the function to save and load the current value. For example: teleport hack - the current value is "50 Float" I want to save. After I move, it will change to "60 Float", "70 Float", "80 Float", now I want to reload to "50 Float" right in the script, how to do it ??? - I want the code to be saved by name !!! -for example: "50 Float" I save the name "position 1", "60 Float" I save the name as "z11", in short, save the name as desired
  3. - HI EVERYBODY !!! How can I create a script? - Can save and load saved values by name, just like in the picture - If possible, please write me the code. Just save and load. Thanks very much
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