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Cant find a game after killing it accidentally.

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I cant find the game last day on earth-survival on game guardian. I accidentally clicked on Kill the game button and the game doesnt show up anymore. I need help please

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    • By TheCelticSlayer
      I was just wondering how to change the pointer search type from qword to dword. I was following a tutorial on youtube and when they click the value they get dword whereas I get qword plz help.

    • By NumberXer0
      I'd like to request a script that functions in Sector 7, the new multiplayer area that came out a few patches ago. None of the current modded apks or scripts work in that specific zone, but still functions elsewhere.
      Sector 7 consists of a group of people standing just out of range of a chest until someone is dumb enough to aggro the zombies, then they all rush in and take the loot while the one fighting gets nothing. It's a horrible mode, but it has a unique very powerful skill you can get.
      Any type of script would help. Infinite Durability, HP, Magic Split, Weapon Damage etc. Absolutely anything to make this slog more bearable. Thanks!
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      Check my channel for tutorial and other script.
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      View File Free Coupon Last Day on Earth 1.11.7
      Check my channel for tutorial and other script.
      Submitter localhostgamers Submitted 03/14/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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      the code that is used to look for gasoline to buy and change its code for another box, it does not work anymore !!! Can somebody help me?
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