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You can find the game apk at apk sum


This game was surprisingly very easy to hack...

First go into a game, I recommend Jar level 2 because it has a ton of fish.


My coins (top left) are 7, so I search 7 in d-word


Search then go back into the game and get some more coins (I got 5 more so I have 12)


Keep refining



After searching and refining, you should have 2 values left..

Change to whatever you want


I put 999,999

Go back into game, collect a coin and you should have as much as you put.


After finishing the level don't click the level viewer, instead go to the next level, then click the level viewer. If you click the level viewer after completing the level you will crash. Going to the next level then clicking it avoids that.

Even so, crash or not, you should come back to a hefty amount of coins.


Go have fun 🙂

(Yes I know this is like a couple months late lol)

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