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How to make timer infinite in game crowd city?

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Hey guys I tried many ways to increase the timer in the game crowd city which is a offline game but no method is working....can you please see the game and tell me how to make the timer infinite...i also tried adding negative time but it is not working..


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      [GG 8.5.10]
      Thanks in advance.
      "List of Timers"
      1. Given a speed, how to find out which one to change?
          Since List of Speed/Timers both have 39 entries, I thought #20 timer is speed x1.0 (#20 speed), #21 timer is speed x1.2 (#21 speed), etc.
          But it is not the case. After bisecting, I fount that speed x3 is #6.
          So #1...20 timer is mapped to speed list entry 20...39, and #21...39 timer is mapped to speed list entry 1...19 (or 19...1)?
      2. I assumed that if I unchecked all four select boxes, the speedhack will become a nop.
          I selected x3 speed, and unchecked four select boxes around #25. But the game is still at x3 speed.
      "Intercept Timers"
      1. Given a speed, how to find out which one to change?
          List of Speed/Timers both have 39 entries, but this list only has 19 entries.
      2. What is this? What is the relation between this and Speed/Timers?
          I only find out that enabling this one introduces some additional side effect, independent of "List of Timers" settings.
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