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Tiny Dice Dungeon

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Name of Game:  Tiny Dice Dungeon
Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kongregate.mobile.tinydicedungeon.google&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dtiny+dice+dungeon+play+store&pcampaignid=APPU_1_ou2yXNfqOMrEz7sPyca5kAQ
Version: 1.22.4
What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gold and Uncut Dice
Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:  Yes. As far as I have tried, I was only able to hack attack points, other than that the addresses for the currencies is either encrypted or stored in another data type, I tried doing pointer search and tracking but to no avail I can't refine anything useful to modify the address.
Comments: I'm an average Game Guardian user, so being profecient here is still beyond me, by getting answers on this thread I can help myself improve with what to do if I encounter another problem like this.

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Ok, I did some extensive hacking on this game as well, I endured if it was hard for people who are playing this game I found a hack for Gold only Uncut Dices I'm still working on it as Uncut Dices are either encrypted or hidden addresses, meanwhile IAP Exploits or Hacks (Freedom and Lucky Patcher) doesn't work for this game, I'm getting off topic but to hack the gold we don't hack it directly we're gonna hack it on offset by using the game store, just typically if feathers cost 500 gold, your gonna have to search 500 on dword, it's gonna have like 50 - 140+ addresses but don't worry most of the region this addresses have are CA but we're looking for an address that is assign on A region, so what you want to do is to modify all of the addresses you found and put an increment by 1 or 2 doesn't really matter as long all the addresses are intact, word of note if there is 300+ addresses you have search I recommend to modify small groups of addresses or else the game will bug out or crash, now you want to exit the game shop and come back right in and the value or price of the item should increase, go back to GG and search the value of the modified price, there will be 2 of them one for the CA and one for the A DO NOT CHANGE THE CA AS IT WILL BUG THE GAME, change the address that is assign to A and make it -999999 note only make small negative amounts increasing to negative 9 million will put your currency in semantic mode (meaning it will bug out and will make current money -9999999) once you done this correctly you should have a lot of gold on the game. Now for uncut dices i'm still working on it I can't seem to figure out if the data type im using is wrong or is the value hidden or encrypted. If anyone can help me with the uncut dices it'll be appreciated.

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