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Csr 2 speed and time hack

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in this video, I showed you how to do speed and path (time) trick. If you are going to use these codes in a script, I would like to add my name to the program. (Ban test not performed)

This is video

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    • By TomOwen
      I've been using Game Guardian via Bluestacks to modify my CSR2 profile including Money Gold Keys and pretty much anything in game.
      But NM are seriously riping players off with the amount they charge for special event cars. I've tried several times but is it possible to get the pay2win cars and crates? As I'm about to give up on this addictive game and return to normal life lol.
    • By EnGizli
      Price Tricks for Csr 2:
      (Ban test not adhered)
      1 <> Make 100000;
      2 Go to <> Address.
      3 <> The first value above 1000000 is 0. If you have a large number above it you get that number x (1). There's another number under 3000, so it's x (2).
      4 Make the sequential search of <> x (1); 0; 0; 0; x (2): 😞 17?).
      5 Make a <0> search after 0.
      6 <> Make all the values 1 and go to the shop.
      I don't know if there's a risk of eating a ban.
      Good luck
      If you convert this to a kamut file, I would be happy if you could spend it in some part of my name.
    • By silent12
      So I've been using this tool for awhile with no problems then today I ran into a problem whenever I try to open up a crate after changing values to 0 for free I can open and everything is fine then when I go to log out it reverts like I never opened them /server doesn't save ..but I can open a different account and can open or change values and the same problem doesn't happen /saves fine any Ideas on a fix on the other profile ? I've tried uninstall deleting user data uninstall and reinstall of game guardian ect. nothing seems to work also should I be worried about loosing that account due to the weird problem being only on it ?  
    • By U1traV1rus
      Note: I've changed the crew points value to 20,000,000. You can make the value higher if you want to. But first make sure you get those 20m. And no, after you restart CSR2 nothing gets reset. It is working well for me.
      SUP Multiplayer Racing (Coins/Boxes/Diamond/Tokens) Next
    • By anon_2
      I've successfully hacked csr2 finding liftime cash, following pointer and modifying gold, silver keys and gold keys
      After that I can't find lifetime cash anymore.
      And if I try to change cash, keys or gold (searching that value, playing the game to change it and refining the search) the value won't change. I do incremental changes and even try to change the value itself
      I tried the following:
      - Uninstall and install csr2 (even after a reboot)
      - Uninstall gg
      - Try an older version of gg
      - Factory reset of my device and a fresh install of everything
      Don't know what more I could try, help will be apreciated
      P.D.: Sorry for my english is not my mother languaje
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