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  1. in this video, I showed you how to do speed and path (time) trick. If you are going to use these codes in a script, I would like to add my name to the program. (Ban test not performed) This is video
  2. Price Tricks for Csr 2: (Ban test not adhered) 1 <> Make 100000; 2 Go to <> Address. 3 <> The first value above 1000000 is 0. If you have a large number above it you get that number x (1). There's another number under 3000, so it's x (2). 4 Make the sequential search of <> x (1); 0; 0; 0; x (2): 17?). 5 Make a <0> search after 0. 6 <> Make all the values 1 and go to the shop. I don't know if there's a risk of eating a ban. Good luck If you convert this to a kamut file, I would be happy if you could spend it in some part of my name.
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