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Pocket Troops

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Sorry if it's badly written or not even anything goes where it needs to go I speak Spanish and I'm translating it with Google I hope it's understood
Starting this game is called pocket troops is a strategy game about soldiers and let's say "collection" I would like you to tell me how you could hack I understand how game guardian works but there is a lot that I do not know basically how to use only the dword
I just want to progress in the game and I've spent a whole month day and night and I can not make much progress. Believe me, if I had money, I would not resort to hacking but unfortunately, please, can you help me?
Just in case this is my mail
And my WhatsApp
+57 3022261881
If you manage to hack this game I would tell you to try one that is impossible according to me
I need your help
Thank you

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