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Another Eden JRPG item cheat help.

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Download link




Can someone help me change the value of these items Or make a cheat script?

Especially guilding light






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Posted (edited)

Hi, i only found 1 cheat so far.

You can cheat the exp scrolls:


Scan for used exp scroll

Change the number of used exp scroll by up/down ingame

Scan for the new number untill you find 1-3 adresses

Change the Number to 9999 or any number you want, dont go overkill or it will freeze the game.


Apply and your char will be max level.


The exp scrolls will be wasted on this use, so do your quests to get new scrolls.


Anyone found any other memory-editing cheats for this game? im stuck =/


Lets share our love 🙂

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