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HELP ME ???? ...

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    • By Kimastar
      Game name: Asphalt 8
      Game version: 4.2.0l
      Hack Request: speed hack
      I dont need the default speed hack by Game Guardian because it speed up everything...
      instead i need to speed up only my speed ty!!! @Enyby
    • By apkjan
      #DRIVE is an endless driving videogame inspired by road and action movies from the 1970s. As simple as possible, allowing the player to pick a car, pick the place and just hit the road. Just be aware not to hit anything else.
      No matter where we drive, no matter what we drive or how fast we drive. We simply chose to drive. And you?
      See more play store
      Mod Apk version download click here

    • By Kimastar
      Im here why most of the cheat for asphalt 8 in that site are very obsolete for last update and not working anymore for asphalt 8 so im here for asking 2 thing!!
      1 - can u update them???
      2 - and most important there is a very cool cheat for asphalt 8 (windows edition) that working with (cheat engine) its possible to let work the cheat for cheat engine to game guardian?? if yes how??
      also below im link a site with that cheat but unfortunately they are not working anymore because the owner stop to working on them so im here for asking
      if a skilled guy can update them for last update or explain how i can update and let working on game guardian??
      My english is not very good nut i hope u can understand me ty!!!
    • By _GanGster_
      View File OverDrive Premium Hack/Script
      Its a simple hack, with it you can hack gems, coins and damage stat.
      Submitter _GanGster_ Submitted 04/24/2019 Category LUA scripts  
    • By _GanGster_
      Its a simple hack, with it you can hack gems, coins and damage stat.
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