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Which API for me auto run a funtion after one time?


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    • By xXL3g3ndXx
      Hello guys!   Today I am proud to share with you a very exciting tool which I have been working on. Do note that this is currently a Beta and there will be bugs to fix and improvements to be done   Ultimate APK Modding Tool   What is it? This tool is a tool for BOTH users and modders to enjoy and contribute. It is mainly a tool similar to AT/EE's Autohack and TacoTool for those who are familar with it.   For Users Simply just load templates created by other modders and use them freely!   For Modders Enter the "Creator Mode" where you are able to create mods and share them with other people, keeping games updated as a team and so on   Feedback & Bug Reports Please leave do leave feedback as well as suggestions to improve on the tool to improve the experience of using this program.   For bug reports, do state what the bug is, how to replicate it for me to fix these problems   Download Ultimate APK Modding Tool BETA: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire Dropbox Brave Frontier Global 1.1.21 Mods Template: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire Brave Frontier Europe Mods Template: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire Brave Frontier Japan 1.2.6 Mods Template: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire Kritika 2.5.5 Mods Template: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire Summoners War: Sky Arena Mods Template: Mega Zippyshare Mediafire   Some images (Album Link) of the tool currently as of 4th October 2014 0100   Simple Menu for users to navigate and use   Built-in APK handling features to decompile/recompile and sign APKs for modding   "Creator Mode" for modders to create their mods and save them to templates for other users to enjoy   Some basic instructions for Modders to use if they are to directly edit the template   Simple error checking for templates that were not edited properly
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