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Value changes but doesn't add to score

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hello everyone .. I am facing a problem since yesterday .I have been using GG in a wicket game where you get 3 life before game over and I used to edit that value (for ex. 100 or 200) and then play with 100 or 200 life. It was amazing and I could score much higher but since yesterday if I change that value.. then that changes and I can play with changed life too but now when game gets over  that score doesn't submit it revert back to the previous score( which was made without using hack) so please resolve my problem.. thanks in advance..

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Bro it's mpl an application which gives money for playing.. and it uses unity play games which were being hacked amazingly. But yesterday this happened.. now everything is working just score doesn't get submitted.. you can download from  mpl pro live ( Google) first link.. it's launched in India only I think

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