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Auto loop script every X seconds

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After retrieving in forum I found a method that looks like filter, it loops at the same instant something different from what I intend to do:

for i= 1, 10 do


So, first I'll look for current HP + max HP in group search and edit the results to 50000:

 gg.searchNumber('1657;1657::5', gg.TYPE_DWORD) 
  gg.editAll('50000', gg.TYPE_DWORD)


As I advance in the stage I will suffer damage decreasing my current HP. Now I just need to auto edit the values that were found in the previous search making a loop with gg.editAll in every X seconds.

Assuming that in this raid i can not use v.freeze becuse this will disconnect me from the room.

In short what i want to know is, i am able to loop this part infinitely every X seconds until I finish the raid and stop the script manually?

gg.editAll('50000', gg.TYPE_DWORD) -- Auto loop in every 10 seconds


Thanks in advance.

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