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Advice About Lua Script

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Hello..im new with lua script..im using lua sript on Rules of survival..i dont have any problem..my question is..im testing the script on new ID..use aimbot..heal 1second and male/female anthena..after few min in game with 1kill count..im got banned..what cause of this banned..im not spamming kill..only 1 game..few min in-game..1 kill and banned..did the script got detected or gameguardian its self get detected..please dont bash me complaining im got banned or what ever..im just asking...MY ENGLISH IS NOOB..SORRY..THANKSYOU

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my opinion, the ROS system didnt read the condition wether you kill an enemy or not. it reads a condition where there is a difference values or  values change inside the game. if there is any abnormal change in the values, the system will check it and it will determined it as bug, hacks, or something else. if it read as hack, it will banned the account automatically.

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