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Pokemon Go

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    • By JoelBrabra
      Hey fellas,
      I wanna share my personal sniping trick which I use to catch, rare high IV pokemons for free. 
      Link: www.pokegoscout.com
      iDevices: PokeGo++ [Google it ;)]
      Android: https://github.com/pokesniperandroid/PokeSniper-Android/releases
      I recommend you to use www.pokegoscout.com to find a huge list of rare high IV pokemons and their co-ordinates.
      They're working on adding a map feature that basically shows the pokemons in real time, but for now, you gotta use those co-ordinates.
      Happy sniping (: 
    • By MonsterMMORPG
      Game is Pokemon Go

      Blue stacks is 2.3.37
      first i have installed king root : v 4.95 and rooted it
      then installed lucky patcher 6.2.4
      then installed floating gps as a system app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marlon.floating.fake.location
      The game shows my location
      As i move with floater fake location my character moves
      But i am getting the no location detected error
      I have tested with developer tools disabled / enabled

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